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The commitment of our gate repair specialists is everyone's guarantee for excellent services. We might rush to cover urgent needs but are truly thorough during automatic gate troubleshooting, inspections, and maintenance. Our unrivaled company is an experienced home gate service contractor covering all needs with proficiency. Technicians are knowledgeable and properly trained to deal with problems, repair parts properly, and install new gates. We are aces in the replacement of gates and their parts, opener maintenance and installation, and masters in gate intercom repair. Due to our expertise in all gate types and opener systems has allowed us to provide excellent service and promise spectacular results. We are committed and take care of electric gate problems fast and perfectly.

Rely on our teams for perfect gate repair service

Gates Install & Repair in WashingtonThe great qualities of our valuable staff are what make excellence possible when it comes to gate services. Despite our vast experience and the deep knowledge of electric gates, we keep making constant efforts in order to make further improvements. With electric gate openers developing and new intercom systems creating a strong breakthrough on the market, our knowledge is important for the excellent quality of services. Gate maintenance experts are thorough, offer emergency same day repairs, take care of intercom and opener issues, and make sure gates move safely. With intense passion for our work, great care for each client, a team embracing everyone's gate problems, ensure solutions are offered fast and meet the demands of clients. They replace gates and their parts, are top for new gate installation, and offer great consultation to valued customers.

Our iron works includes garage repair doors and installment, manufacturing wrought iron gates, supplying and installing all kinds of gate openers and motors. Our people are also trained and specialized in electronic works such as automatic and electric gates. Need a new phone entry system to secure a building in your company? Do you have some broken hinges or posts, or even a damaged gate? Call our reliable 24/7 emergency repair service and all your problems will be solved immediately.

We can repair and install all types of gate openers and devices using the latest technologies and our trained personnel. However, we can also provide new installations of garage and entrance doors, iron gates or customized fences. Broken gate repairs are also a specialty of our company in Tacoma.  We are proud of all of our work and we offer a warranty on all of the work that we do.  You can also call us for post repair jobs, even if we are talking about a gate that has not been manufactured by our company is Tacoma. Those kinds of repair jobs include broken hinge repair, Gate track repair, gate wheels repair, safety gate sensor repair install, exit loop installation and repair.

We are aware that some of our customers remain faithful to the traditions passed down through the years so we are trying to preserve that aspect of their home. However, this does not mean that is not possible to install gate motor on existing gate. Our driveway gate company in Tacoma offers those services even on a wooden gate or an old iron gate. The pieces will be hidden, so you will have a modern mechanism on a traditional gate.  Hinges welding is a process that many door specialists might say that they can’t do, but you can be sure we can provide you with repair services that will last for a lifetime.

We also offer Residential & commercial broken gate spring repair, an advanced repair job that needs specialized expertise. Our driveway gate company in Tacoma tries to be a complete company offering all kinds of iron works. This is why you should call us for fences repair, installments, and even pool enclosures. If you need cages of any kind, or even dog runs or pipe corrals, than write down the name of our driveway gate company in Tacoma and call us for all iron work related jobs. We are prepared to assist your company or business because we can provide you with the perfect vertical or pedestrian doors. If you are thinking about opening a new shopping center in Tacoma, call us for the perfect rotating pedestrian or sensor door. Do not be worried about quality because we provide a warranty for everything we do.

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